MABE - FAVE'S: Robin: Co-owner - photographer & Filmmaker

My photography and film projects are always based around telling stories of people and  places you wouldn’t ordinarily come across in everyday life,  whether that’s the in the spacious desert of America or the dense Amazon Jungle.

Favourite Destination:

My first big photography project I ever embarked on was a classic America Road trip through the desert of America to find out more about the philosophy of the people who choose to live there, ever since that trip I’ve been drawn back to America many times. It's fascinating to me as it's a country that often feels close to home but with a culture that is so different to our own.

Favourite Inspiration:

I’ve always been inspired by the beat generation and the culture that it spawned, the open road book is a collection of work from photographers based on the road throughout the 20th century. William Eggleston’s work is especially inspirational to me, and really encompasses that same free-spirited wandering mindset,  his use of colour is able to make bold statements out of simple things.

Favourite Souvenirs:

I picked up these little bronze figurines in Peru, they are of Pacha Mama and Pacha Papa, representing mother and father Earth. Peru is another place I have spent a lot of time in, it's truly an amazing country  where in many places, their culture and beliefs have remained unchanged for thousands of years.

Favourite Light:

As a photographer I’m pretty obsessed with light and lighting, my flat is filled will lamps dotted all around every room. My favourites have to be my lava lamps, not only are they amazingly relaxing and hypnotic to watch, they also give off a really soft,  warm glow that’s perfect for cosy evening …top tip!

Favourite Ornament:

Another thing my flat is filled with is rocks, not quite sure why I’m so drawn to them but I always end up with at least a few stones in my bag when I’m flying back home from a trip, every one is a memory of that place. Not sure I could really pick a favourite but certainly up there is my petrified wood book ends, the tree that made these would have died 80 million years ago, it’s just crazy to have things around you that are so old and are still here today.

Favourite Way to Relax:

Although I live in the city I think my favourite way to relax has to be to get out in nature, weather that’s a walk through the woods or just a walk in the park. Any chance I can get I’ll try and make it out to surf, there nothing quite like when you’re riding a wave, it’s definitely a connection to nature all of it’s own.

Favourite Fragence:

Has to be Le Labo Santal 33!

Favourite Picture:

I love hunting through charity shops, antiques shops and more than my fair share of Ebay listing to try and find unusual and one off things to brighten up my flat. I recently found this painting at a ramshackle antiques shop and it has to be my new favourite.

Favourite Find:

Another of my favourite finds has to be these hand-made egg cups! I was passing through a little town in Wales that was filled with charity shops, I made a stop off and half filled my car with all the amazing things I found but these have to top the chart.

Favourite Inherited Object:

My Dads Stereo from the 1970’s recently made it out of my parents attic and into my possession, every time I use it I feel memories from my childhood flying back, its so tactile, with the clunk of the switches so different to things made today.

Favourite Obsession:

I’ve recently started playing guitar and have become more than a little obsessed, as someone who has always been obsessed with music, but more of a listener than a player, it’s such a joy to be able to make music of my own…even if other peoples ears aren’t quite ready for it yet.