Postcards From Menorca

An ode to joyful dressing

Team MABE packed its bags and ventured off to Menorca. In 1993, UNESCO declared Menorca a “biosphere reserve” meaning, unlike its neighbour Ibiza, the island is protected from being overrun with new high-rise developments. With a flatter landscape than Majorca, the island’s gentle rolling hills are lucious, green and edged with sandy hued dry stone walls. During Covid, people from mainland Spain rediscovered the gem on their doorstep, but it wasn’t until the arrival of art behemoth Hausser and Wirth two years ago, the island began to attract many new visitors. Retaining an air of old-school simplicity, the cobbled streets of Ciutadella, Menorca’s second biggest city, made for the perfect photographic backdrop. During our week-long trip, we interviewed and photographed three women, all of whom we plan to introduce via this newsletter over the coming weeks. As for what to wear in April in Menorca? It’s a tad chilly first and last thing, so we wore maxi skirts, t-shirts, plus a little jacket. Just add trainers; there’s no need for fancy footwear on this low-key island.

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