Easy Summer Dresses

How to speed-up your morning routine

The sun has got its hat on, hip hip hop hip hooray, it makes us ever-so-happy, but we hope the it’s here to stay!

Someone’s in a jolly mood. Excuse our enthusiasm, we just love a glimmer of sunshine in mid-May. The perfect excuse to grab something light from the wardrobe, there’s nothing easier than pulling-on a pretty dress with sunnies. It’s chic. It’s easy. It’s a morning time-saver.

What are you waiting for?

Festival-wardrobe Prep

Ready for it, are we? The late nights, the sleeping on a blow-up mattress, the loud bands and possibly a muddy landslide to finish you off. It’s officially time to start freaking out about your festival outfits, people! Good job you have us. You’re welcome.

Summer in the city

Introducing your summer capsule wardrobe

A summer spent in the city can often leave us looking wrung out and scruffy, but not if we’re well planned. The key to summer dressing, we reckon, is building a capsule wardrobe which basically means, understanding what works for your silhouette and sticking to it.Another thing to think about is colour. For a zero faff wardrobe, understanding which colours work best with your particular skin tone is crucial. Biscuits, neutrals and creams may look great on some, whereas on others, it’s a big ole wash-out. Same goes for brights. One woman’s zingy-orange hue is another woman’s tangerine nightmare. Once you’ve figured out silhouettes and colours, all you need for a successful summer spent in the city is an ice cold drink, something to read, a table to sit at so you can enjoy some good people watching.Ps: Over here at MABE HQ, one of us got the whole ‘summer in the city’ dressing thing so downpat, they managed to pack a capsule wardrobe into a cabin-sized suitcase and go away to Rome for five entire nights. We’re all still in shock.


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In conversation with: Willow Crossley

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