MABE - PLACES : The William Morris Museum

Dreaming of life after quarantine?… a visit to the beautiful William Morris museum is on our top list of places to visit once we are allowed back out into the world.

William Morris (1834-1896) a British textile designer, poet, novelist, socialist activist and best known as the father of the Arts and Craft movement, who celebrated the handmade quality of the craftsmen he worked with that produced goods that would last a lifetime.

He was a thinker far ahead of his time, living through East London’s time of industrialisation, he rejected mass production for its poor, repetitive and depressing working conditions, and the low quality goods produced.  He eulogised a philosophy that:

 “society should work towards promoting the happiness and well-being of every one of its members”

A philosophy that is seemingly only truly beginning to gain recognition today. 

Morris’s love of nature was surely behind this philosophy of  harmony and balance rather than exploitation and greed. He reflected this love through his extensive use of florals, plants and animals that featured in his designs, that are still relevant today.

We have been eagerly waiting to revisit Morris’s old Georgian family home once we’re  allowed back out into the world. The Georgian home in Walthamstow’s Lloyd park in North East London has now been converted into a gallery and a free museum showcasing his incredible work.

The museum will reopen on May the 18th and we can't wait! More info below: